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She suggests that listening is a "feminized" practice, meaning that listening is seen as subordinate to speech and expression which she characterizes as "masculine. How might this way of proceeding be extended to larger, cultural issues? Is there really such a thing as 'Internet addiction', or do people use the expression too loosely? Does it make sense to refer to players of online games like Everquest as addicts? Just choose 'health' from the drop-down menu of topics.

In her book on video games, Marsha Kinder quotes her eight-year-old son: "A long time ago there were no toys and everyone was bored. Then they had TV but they were bored again. They wanted control. So they invented video games. But more than this, his comments raise questions about the nature of video games themselves, especially as they have been both praised and attacked in the popular media and scholarly press.

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What exactly is this debate all about? Do video games really place control in the hands of their users? In addition, is the video game debate in any way related to the debates that occurred several decades ago with the arrival of television?

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Is it related to the debates that took place concerning zoot suits, jazz, rock and roll, and rap? Is it just a generational thing, or is there something different about video games? The expression moral panic is a useful one to look up in thinking about this topic. In a book that caused some consternation several years ago, American media critic Neil Postman argued that as citizens of North America we are in danger of "amusing ourselves to death. If something challenges us by way of its difficulty or tedium, we simply give up, and tune into the next available channel.

The Effects Of Violence Against Women On North American Society

Obviously, this argument rankled many people. But it also touched a chord with countless others who said that Postman was on to something: the destructive potential of the mass media in the modern world.

The mass media entertainment industry promises us pleasure, but what exactly is pleasure, and what sorts of pleasure do these media deliver? In a nutshell, pleasure is a political concept. But in what sense is that true? Can you prove it? How do the media of communication create specific kinds of pleasure? Is there any reason to be concerned about privacy with the growth of digital technologies?

We sometimes hear it said that each of us is now leaving "digital footprints" as we go through our daily affairs, using our credit card here, our debit card there, our air miles card in this store, our points card in another.

But is there any valid reason to be concerned? Is privacy even all that much of an issue? In several articles and books, Oscar Gandy has suggested that digital surveillance is actually a form of hi-tech discrimination, a curious argument indeed. Why all the furor over the data profiles of each of us currently being assembled with the assistance of the Canadian government? I mean, the government would never do anything to jeopardize democratic freedom, would it? In the book Media and Health , author Clive Seale cites research showing the college students believe that tornadoes are more frequent killers than asthma, despite the fact that you are 20 times more likely to die from asthma than in a tornado.

Students also thought that you are times more likely do die in an automobile accident than you are to die of diabetes.

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In fact, you are only 1. So why the discrepancy between what people think about risk factors in the world and the actual numbers? The answer, according to Seal, is the media. We get most of our health information from television, newspapers, and other other media outlets, and those sources tend to focus only on certain kinds of health risks while ignoring others. Beginning with Seale's book, what explains the way that actual health risks are distorted by the main media outlets? In this sense, it could often be argued that fashion bears little resemblance to any reasonable aesthetic judgment or individual taste" Consumerism as a Way of Life , Steven Miles.

We all know that clothes are a form of communication, but are they, as Miles suggests in the passage cited here, really a communication about our place in the social order? Are there truly no individualistic impulses in regards to our fashion choices? How has communication studies contributed to our understanding of the idea of the self? The conventional view of the self is explained in a number of books, including Texts of Identity edited by John Shotter and Kenneth Gergen. Perhaps you are interested in writing about popular film.

For an essay of this sort you could provide a semiotic analysis of a particular film or cycle of films or you could look at the work of a particular filmmaker. It has been proven through the excerpt opts of Lorded, Young Tauten, Naomi Greeter, and Natalie Sardinian that culture is the base o f how we view ourselves and how we create our own powerfulness. He infers that he has gained power by the way he act s and the way he looks which are culture based traits. The research they made of the differences between cultures lead us to the conclusion that ultra have a lot to do with the powerfulness of a person or group of individuals raised upon the same ideals.

Culture defines a person and a persons or social groups identity there fore it leads to the obtainment of power.


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