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She describes Bethany as being one of the lone female friends that she has.

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Reading the duologue. Bethany besides shows no respect for the fact that Carla and is on the phone regardless of how many times Carla asks her to be quiet. When Carla does complete her telephone the two carry on separate soliloquies and their conversation merely finds connexion when Carla realizes that she is the subject.

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Carla even acknowledges that Bethany does non like her most of the clip. Which forces the reader to oppugn the extent to which Carla understands relationships like friendly relationship. Martin chose to hold Carla be slightly modest and even slightly self-deprecating sing her attitude of toward herself and complimentary toward her less attractive friend. This pick is interesting in that we by and large think of the beautiful miss in narratives as being the morally corrupt one.

In popular civilization the most beautiful miss is by and large depicted as the scoundrel. Martin breaks from this traditional flight.

On the other manus. Bethany is an about nefarious character.

She is negative. She is a successful comptroller. It could be said that her attitude is an indictment on the fact that adult females forced to see themselves in footings of their expressions. Carla is allowed in many ways to be more human than Bethany is because she no longer has to endeavor for better expression. An extra rating can besides be done of the jinni. He is a larger than life colourful character that represents the glamor and flashiness of the advertisement universe. The offering of wants represents the promises of advertisements.

They have longed for these wishes to come true that at the end of the play, they switch places. Once they realized they became the other person they wanted to switch back immediately, they both look at themselves to see if they was still in the same skin, Carla wanted to make sure she still was pretty but with no knowledge and Bethany wanted to make sure she still was smart but still plain and ordinary after seeing that neither of them was in the same skin life settled in and wanted things to go back to the way it was before everything happen.

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Become a member. She works hard and gets big amount of money having a job of an accountant in a great company. She also publishes short stories. She thinks that she is not beautiful at all and this thing hinders her to sleep well. She cannot see any disadvantage in being attractive and pretty. The play starts with the conversation between these two girls in which Bethany tells Carla that she has found the genie on the beach.

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She also says that the genie promised to fulfill three of her wishes and she has already used two of them to test if the genie has told the truth. Each of them is successful in different life spheres but they cannot see it because jealousy makes them blind.

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Beauty: Wish and Carla

When Bethany admits that she wants to be beautiful like Carla the atmosphere gets cold and delicate. She notices that this appointment is very important as she can become a big model and start a new life, but it can happen only because of her pretty face and not because people appreciate her as a person. Instead of listening, Bethany finds thousands of reasons to continually desire beauty. She emphasizes that beauty is wishful for every person in the world, in every street and in every room.

Beauty By Jane Martin Has More Than Just One Meaning

Nevertheless, the longing to know what will happen in the end holds the whole play. After Bethany wished for 25 thousand dollars and they rained from the sky and after she asked for her uncle to be healed and it came true she finally decided that the beauty is the only thing that she wants. The genie has granted such a request and Bethany becomes beautiful, but no one knows what her future will be like. The theme of Beauty is very actual and widespread in the contemporary life.

It is easily noticeable that many people do not understand how happy they are without being beautiful, but having a nice family, well-paid jobs, and faithful friends around.

Discontent in Jane Martin's 'Beauty'

Instead of criticizing, one can learn lessons of defining the real values which life sometimes gives to us. The play is an example of how the question that bothered the human beings for years and centuries is described. Jealousy makes people unhappy and often leads to negative results.

The symbols that are used in Beauty also help the viewer to analyze the importance of what happens on the stage.