Social problems of pakistan essay

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Social Problems Of Pakistan Essay – 345949

Show Latest Show old. Improving police-community relationship for effective law enforcement. The Pakistani police have struggled with a poor relationship with the public categorized by mistrust and mistreatment. As a result, effective policing has been hindered.

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USIP has partnered with national and provincial police departments to aid in building police-community relationships and strengthening policing in Pakistan through training, capacity building, and social media engagement. Efforts have resulted in frameworks for legislative reform and over million social media interactions. Building sustainable mechanisms for dialogue, critical thinking and peace education on university campuses. Among them, youth with access to higher education carry disproportionate influence in society.

To tackle growing intolerance of diversity at university campuses, USIP has partnered with civil society and state institutions to support programs establishing sustainable mechanisms for dialogue, critical thinking, and peace education. The goal is to empower young people as the next generation of peacebuilders. In Pakistan, religious militancy has eroded a traditional culture of music and poetry that favors free expression. USIP supports local cultural leaders in reviving performances and content that encourages tolerant coexistence.

Daily news: Begging is a social problem in Pakistan Essay

Much of the USIP-supported content has gone viral on social media, with some videos garnering more than 4. Support for peaceful elections to counter violence. It is unbelievable action of America in Pakistan. US drones pushing insurgents into Pakistan The United States government, led by the Central Intelligence Agency's Special Activities Division, has made a series of attacks on targets in northwest Pakistan since using drones unmanned aerial vehicles.

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Basically drones is an only way to attack on Pakistan. Actually in my point of view if we feel it in this world America is big terrorist. America wants to control over the Pakistan and Afghanistan natural beauty through this way of anti-terrorism.

We have no solution to stop drones till now. The Nation Thursday, May 26, Despite unanimous resolution adopted by the Parliament in the context of the Abbottabad incident, no step has been taken by the PPP-led ruling coalition to tackle the ever-increasing US drone strikes inside Pakistan. The point resolution had declared the US drone attacks against national security and sovereignty, and sought an elaborate strategy to stop the relentless attacks.

However, there has been no response by the government to the US drone attacks which have phenomenally increased over the past ten days. There have been five drone hits on North Waziristan Agency so far since May 14, killing many innocent people who are generally unaccounted for. They argued that each drone strike since had killed an average of ten civilians, causing undue irritation to the local population wary of the US-led exercise. They said the US might have achieved some tactical gains, but in general the drone strikes always remained counter-productive in the efforts to fight terrorism in the region.

We need to protect our Pakistan What Pakistan needs the most today is slogan given by father of the nation i. These words never resonated with such an appeal before all the state institutions both formulated under statute and outside it have to unite in response, what can be a better response than the display of loyalty, which the poor country is demanding from every denizen. Rise or fall for ever. Mend the rag or wear the tag. Whatever, it has to be done immediately, time is not only running out it is also running away.

At the end I think Pakistan should do more to protect borders Our world consist upon various states, regions, castes, creeds, ethics, norms, values, traditions, customs, identities, groups, communities, section, unions, parties, regional groups, social groups etc.

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Every one needs protection, security, safeguard of fundamental rights, freedom of speech, expression, gathering, life, property and needs as per changing world and territorial scenario. Whole the world is having, states, countries, regions and various colonies. View More. Re Entry Visas. One of the main problems of Pakistan are education, terrorism,lack of energy and poverty. The citizens of Pakistan are living under poverty.

The effects of poverty are they don't get enough education, health facilities and get unemployed. Even though few people get into crime due to poverty effects. The water supply has to get fixed and needs a clean water for drinking and for plantation. The government has to put an effort to establish welfare programs and NGOs for the protection of the Pakistani citizens. They can be provided rights and best values for the prosperity of their livelihood and love of Pakistan.

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Present problems of Pakistan. Short history of pakistan independence Changing Life Style in Pakistan. By: Nabeel Kazi, Karachi on Jul, 20 Short of Energy are the main crisis in which Pakistan victim, due to this crises every sectors where the element of prosperity is depend is effective very seriously. By: danish, khi on Apr, 11 The atmost priority of Pakistan's nations should be its most common slogan given by father of the nation i.